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WT-MICRO: Separation Skid

WT-MICRO: Separation Skid

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The WT-MICRO Separation Skid is the final piece to automating your WT-MICRO System. The separation skid will allow you to run "continuous flow" in your extraction run which effectively doubles your daily throughput to the WT-MICRO Agitator, improves overall extraction efficiency and quality and reduces labour. This combines to offer over 40% in operation efficiency.  


  • Length 61" x Width 34" x Height 53"
  • 24" 25-micron or 43-micron Stainless Steel Screen


  • Hash-Specific Design for no loss of trichomes
  • 30-50L/Min Dewatering Capacity
  • Tool-Free Vibratory Pattern Adjustment
  • Hash Discharge Control Baffle


  • 240v/1ph/60hz
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