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WT-MICRO: Full System

WT-MICRO: Full System

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The WT-MICRO is Whistler Technologies' smallest solventless system, with all the features needed to make high-quality bubblehash.

The WT-MICRO Full System includes our hash-specific separator, which minimizes trichome loss and features advanced vibratory pattern control. This allows for refined trichome movement without the addition of water. In a 10-hour shift, a single operator can process 4 runs or up to 80kg of fresh frozen biomass.

This is Whistler Technologies' smallest extraction unit, but features all of the innovative technology found in our larger systems. It is a modular unit, allowing operations to efficiently and cost-effectively scale up to a full system at a later date.

Learn more about the WT-MICRO here.


  • Patent-Pending Double Torus Agitation Pattern
  • 220 Micron Stainless Steel False Bottom
  • Continuous Flow Filtration
  • Closed Loop System
  • Single Operator


  • Length 61" x Width 75" x Height 53"
  • 150 Litre Tank, 175 Litres per run
  • 20kg Fresh Frozen Input
  • 6KG Dry Input


  • 230V/1Ph/60Hz
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